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BetBaller Bitcoin Sports Betting USA

Most sports betting websites will focus on a wide range of different sports and activities. However, there are very few that are tailor made specifically for a particular market, and BetBaller is one of them. BetBaller is one of the only websites that you will visit that focuses exclusively on ball sports, though it also offers a host of slot games that you can play, and also has a section dedicated to eSports.

This relatively new betting website is one of the most unique in the world because it also supports bitcoin betting. This is something that is rather revolutionary, as very few websites support bitcoin betting at the moment. Opening an account on the website is very easy, though you may need to enter a little more information than most traditional websites to be able to complete registration. However, regardless of this fact, completing the form should not take you longer than 60 seconds, if you have chosen bitcoin as your currency of choice.

The layout of BetBaller Sportsbook is also very easy to understand, and most of the basic functions you would expect from a good online casino are present. However, one thing you may not be guaranteed is anonymity, especially if you do not pay with Bitcoins, though the site guarantees that it will not share your information with any third parties.

The games on the website are placed into the following categories: Sport, In-Play, ESports, Slots and Live Casino. Most of the tabs offer you the same options that you would get at a regular casino, though Betballer sports are restricted to soccer, basketball, e-sports, tennis, football, baseball, Mixed Martial Arts, boxing, rugby and volleyball. The site also allows you to switch between six different betting odd formats to ensure that you can accurately keep track of all your bets.

New users to BetBaller are eligible for a 100% first deposit bonus, as long as they deposit a minimum of 10 USD/EUR. Betballer Canada users are also eligible for this bonus, as long as they deposit the equivalent of US$10. There is also a VIP Deposit bonus for those that are deemed worthy by the BetBaller management to receive the bonus. Users who are shortlisted for VIP Bonuses are usually contacted via email.

Players from the United States may get an account and play provided that they only exclusively use bitcoins. As a gambling site intended to serve players in different parts of the world, BetBaller can be viewed in multiple language versions. The languages available include English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French.

BetBaller Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook

BetBaller Bitcoin Betting Sportsbook

The moment that you plunge into the world of ball sports betting, you will never want to find a way out. There is little that will give you the same thrill as betting on your favorite games, and winning when you find out the bets are on your side. Betballer is an excellent ball sports betting site, which offers you much more than you expect. In addition to ball games, there is also a full casino available for you to put in wagers of your choosing. So many different ways to win, you will truly feel spoilt for choice.

An excellent attribute of Bet Baller is the Betballer VIP Sportsbook. This has been set up for all online ball sports betters who want to have an out of this world experience when they are playing online. The experience begins with the interactive software, that makes it possible to bet on individual games, as well as tournaments as well.

You will find yourself thrust right in the middle of the action, where the odds are excellent, and the best in the industry are playing. Whether you are looking to make a bet on a winning league or want to come out on top in a competition, you will find that on Betballer all of this is possible.

If you are also looking for some amazing wins, then the Betballer High Stakes will help, even when the game is already in play. This ensures that you can take advantage of the changing odds throughout the game, giving you an edge.

Whether you make a minimum bet, or you get to the maximum you can manage, you will be able to benefit from amazing bonuses. The first bonus you receive comes when you open your account, and the more you bet, the more these bonuses keep rolling in. Make live bets at your discretion whether you are doing so online, or on your mobile device.

Whichever ball sport is your favorite; you are guaranteed to enjoy the Betballer website. If you need a little help while you are on the site, take advantage of the excellent customer service. It is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Players from the United States may get an account and play provided that they only exclusively use bitcoins. As a gambling site intended to serve players in different parts of the world, BetBaller can be viewed in multiple language versions. The languages available include English, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Italian, Russian, and French.

GGBook eSports Bitcoin Betting USA

 GGBook eSports Bitcoin Betting USA

Those who have limited experience may think that eSports betting is difficult, or takes some time to master. The moment that you try it out, you will find that it is much simpler than you imagine. GGBook is a site that has taken up eSports in a big way. If you want to Bet on eSports USA, you will enjoy the competitive nature of the stakes that are available on this site.

It is also possible to bet on eSports Canada. On both sites, when you create your account and make your first deposit, you are able to get an immediate deposit bonus. In addition, when you make your first deposit you are also able to get an excellent bonus. So what exactly can you expect to enjoy on GGBook? Here is what you can look forward to: -
-       Simplicity. The systems that are available on this site are easy to understand. Whether you are playing for the first time, or have some experience in betting, you will find that you can place a bet and actually get a good win.

-       Amazing Bonuses. There are specials which vary as you make your bets, which constantly improves your odds and chances of winning.
-       Range. There are a large range of games for you to choose from on this eSports site. There are also many different types of bets that you can make.

When you decide to make a bet, you will find that you can explore your options when it comes to choosing a winner. Even better, there are a range of withdrawal and depositing options that you can explore. These include using debit and credit cards, Skrill, Cheques, Bank Wire Transfers and more. Whenever you make a deposit, you can count on it being totally free. You can cash out the same way with no fees, though there are some charges when you choose to withdraw using a bank wire transfer.

GGBook is amongst the best eSports Bookmaker USA and is well on its way to becoming the largest. Take the opportunity to make a bet as soon as you can.

Place bets on all UK and Irish Horse Races with excellent odds

The world of horse racing is glamorous, and for that reason is best suited to people who are interested in high stakes. John Flynn is the perfect site for horse racing online. It has been licensed by the Irish Government, making it possible for one to place bets on all UK & Irish horse races with excellent odds. 

What is perhaps even better than the odds is the No Limit Horse Racing. This allows anyone who is looking for a really big win to actually attain one, as there is no limit placed on how much one can bet.

If you are a high roller, and out for that big win, one attribute that makes an online betting site more attractive is privacy. With John Flynn, private client betting is at the heart of what this site stands for. 

It is possible to make discreet bets directly online, or if you prefer, you can make them on the phone too. Every discerning gambler wants to know that they are playing their cards right, in their own way, and that they can do this without too much interference from other parties.

John Flynn is the site that puts the customer above all else. If you are a risk taker, meaning that you are confident you could win big, then this is the ideal high stakes betting site for you. Here are some more attributes that make will make you feel right at home on this high stakes betting site.

  • -       Live racing that can be watched on video at no cost.
  • -       A credit account for when you need a little edge.
  • -       All currencies are accepted, including Bitcoin.
  • -       Odds that are highly competitive and rewarding.

Whether you are totally new to the world of gambling, or have a wealth of experience and wins below your belt, this is a site that will give you something back. The only way to truly understand what this site has to offer is to experience it firsthand. Do not hold back, open an account and find out about No Limit Horse Racing for yourself.